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E-commerce Course at The Israeli Chamber of Commerce


Registration for the October class has opened

Israeli Chamber of Commerce is paving the way for business innovation and is offering a dynamic platform for learning and growth through its highly anticipated second course on e-commerce.

The second Ecommerce course offers participants a rich curriculum designed to equip them with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to thrive in the digital marketplace. With a focus on practical insights and real-world applications, the course caters to both newcomers looking to establish an online presence and established businesses seeking to enhance their digital strategies.

Dikla Sharabi takes the stage to share her insights on the critical topics of logistics and payments in the world of online retail. With a wealth of experience and success in the Ecommerce industry, Sharabi's presence promises to be a valuable resource for participants seeking to master these essential aspects of digital commerce.

In addition, Dikla Sharabi continues to develop new platforms for sharing knowledge.

We invite you to follow us and to stay updated on our activities.

You can contact Dikla Sharabi for 1:1 learning or to join the e-commerce course here.

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